Making fun plans for your weekend and time off just got a whole lot easier


New weekend planning tool showcases all of New Zealand’s best local events, activities and attractions in just one place, while also raising funds for charity. brings together everything there is to see and do across New Zealand’s 15 regions and 85 districts in one location for the first time. Each one of our featured 85 districts has some fantastic treasures to share with the rest of New Zealand.


We are New Zealand’s only weekend events, attractions and activities focused website.


The Weekend is a national site, with a very strong local presence. It offers the best insider knowledge of must ­do activities in every town and city across New Zealand – big and small.


The site showcases events, activities and attractions – small, big, niche and well­-known.


The site makes it easy to search! With just one click, Weekenders can search for events, activities and attractions by location radius – from 100m to 100km – as well as by category and keyword.


The site also offers collated advice on things to see and do in major towns and cities to help locals and travellers plan their breaks quickly and easily.


The diversity of the categories engages a very broad audience, with listings covering arts and culture, community, entertainment, home and garden, family, motorsport, shopping and services, sport and recreation, and eateries.


Charity focus is much more than a great planning tool; a key part of the site and app is paying it forward by giving to local communities.


Every four months, we partner with local and national charities, with 100 percent of the basic listing fees from donated to these charities.


The Weekend is New Zealand’s only events website that donates 100 percent its basic listing fees to charity.


We are incredibly proud to be working with Lifeline Aotearoa as our launch charity partner.


By choosing to use The Weekend to list your events and plan your weekend, you are supporting local people and communities.


Go check out our fantastic range of ‘what to do’, this weekend or any upcoming weekends here.


Have a great weekend!


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