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The Weekend with Mousey

Christchurch singer and songwriter Mousey has released her debut full-length album LEMON LAW – a record all about “being let down and being a let down.” this week.

LEMON LAW includes the already released songs ‘Extreme Highs’, ‘Take Me To Harley Street’, ‘If You Really Loved Me’, ‘A Lifelong Pursuit’ and the new single ‘With No You’.

Described by Mousey (AKA Sarena Close) as a “straight through the middle pop song about a break-up”, ‘With No You’ takes inspiration from Motown, Doo Wop, and even a touch of Kiwi indie-pop, to create the perfect summer tune. “I was listening to a lot of music from the 60s when I wrote this,” says Mousey.  “Lesley Gore, even Bobby Vinton. But then when I was recording it, I was listening to The Reduction Agents, and some of that came through as well.”

LEMON LAW marks a significant milestone for Mousey, whose star has been on the rise since the release of the album’s first single ‘Extreme Highs’, which earned her a nomination at this year’s APRA Silver Scrolls.

“The album is titled LEMON LAW because I feel there has been too many people in my world that would have preferred if I were someone else. I have constantly not felt good enough for family, friends, boyfriends, to band mates, bosses. I’ve felt that I’ve been a let down and if the people around me could refund me for a different person with no repercussions then they would.”


Mousey has shared some on her favourite things to do on the weekend and more with us.


What is your favourite weekend brunch place to visit?

Dux Dine is incredible.


What are your favourite weekend activities?

Drinking beer with friends and playing board games


What is your favourite part of the weekend?

When the sun is shining.


What is your favourite weekend night spot?

Craft Embassy or the Poplar Social club.


What is your favourite weekend getaway destination you have visited?

I have only been to weekend getaways in Hanmer but it’s so great over there.


How did you get into the music world?

I wanted to be a film composer when I was 8, that’s when I started writing.


What is something that gave you joy this weekend?

I went to a friend’s wedding and my husband and I got rowdy on the dancefloor which hardly ever happens.


Who inspires you?

So many artists and songs inspire me but my musical friends inspire me just as much.


At heart are you a city or country person?

I’m a City person until I get tired and fed up of the world, then I’m a wilderness person.


Where is your favourite place in the entire world?

My favourite place that I’ve ever been to is Golden Bay in NZ.


The album’s release also marks the start of Mousey’s first-ever Australasian tour, which kicks off in Raglan on October 4 and winds up in Akaroa on October 24. Get tickets for the tour HERE

Mousey will be accompanied by her band – Chris Close on drums; Dave Cloughley on bass; and Terence O’Connor on guitar.


You can listen to LEMON LAW here – iTunes / Apple / Spotify

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